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The Cyprus Case
Posted on: 18-3-2013, Category: Economy, Tags: Cyprus, default, Euro crisis, bailout, bank funds taxation
Cyprus, the exit door for corporate taxes from the rest of EU, is heavily indebted (debt to GDP ratio at almost 130 %) and about to default. Not to have that happen, Cyprus has been negotiating bailout conditions with ECB, EC and IMF for several months. The deal was shaped last week, Cyprus would get boost of 10 billion Euro, while the remaining 6 billion to come from Cyprus itself (reminder – Cyprus is close to insolvent). Read article
China's fight for more consumption
Posted on: 19-7-2012, Category: China, Tags: chinese economy, gdp growth, consumption,
One of the evergreens on China's economy is, when will the country shift to a so called more balanced economic model. Other said when will the share of consumption on GDP increase to levels comparable with average in other emerging economies or even developed countries. The topic is on the table for over a decade, policies applied, but no desired results. Moreover it's exactly vice-versa, the portion which consumption represents on China's GDP did drop in the past 10 years. Read article
Chinese property bubble, the mother of all bubbles?
Posted on: 13-5-2012, Category: China, Tags: China property bubble, house prices, chinese savings, chinese banks, property speculation, China ghost cities
Irony on. Look at it how bad the comrades steer the things in China, there is a huge bubble on real estate market. They are building empty cities for millions! At least that's how quite some articles on this topic in the western media sound (perhaps because a few decades ago we did start fueling China's growth so much, that nowadays we are a little envy and have to use every topic to kick into China a bit). Read article
Dear Mr. Wulff, please move to the Czech Republic
Posted on: 18-2-2012, Category: Politics, Tags: german politics, czech politics, CDU/CSU, german president, Christian Wulff, Kreditaffäre
Germany and Czech Republic, two bordering countries and such an enormous difference in politics, but also in civil society. After just a few weeks of media pressure, Christian Wulff - german president, stepped back at the end of this week. His own past, german political culture and highly developed level of civil society in Germany forced him to do so. Read article
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